Exciting Farmer Additions!

In February, Craig and I were joined by new farm partners, and this is an exciting development for the farm. Eamon Heberlein grew up in Viroqua--I was his Pleasant Ridge teacher, grades 1-4!--and after college at Deep Springs and Yale, he decided he wanted to raise livestock, too, in addition to continuing his academic career [...]

Flood Time 2016

The third 100-year flood in 10 years has hit the Driftless Region. It is sad to see pictures of the flooded towns along the Kickapoo, but the real heartbreaker is to consider how much topsoil has headed down river. This region has never been suitable for extensive row cropping, and now, with weather extremes, it [...]

Summertime…and the grazin’ is easy

Almost July, and there is SO much pasture for the sheep this year. When I sold the cattle last year, I bought a couple of small flocks to expand mine, but we're still nowhere near carrying capacity of the farm. That's okay, for that allows me to do a little more experimentation with pasture rotation. [...]

Playful Farming

If I have come to love meditation in the past year. I subscribe to Headspace (they have a free intro) and do 20 minutes most every day. The meditation period itself calms me-which is important, since I have a neurological issue, cervical dystonia--but it does a lot more than that. It helps me be more [...]

Lambing 2016

Lambing is almost done, only 6 ewes left. It started out pretty challenging, since early April saw snow and freezing rain and my first ewes to lamb were Cluns and Polypays I had purchased last summer that were not able to raise lambs. I think they had CLA, an untreatable wasting disease that maybe came [...]


It's gotten to be that time of year that is hard on both man and beast. The pictures, taken in September, show an old ewe--one of the flock of Clun Forests I rescued from going to slaughter in the spring--that Craig and I have come to call "the skinny old Clun". When you have quite [...]

2015 in Review

We sold the cattle in April to an organic dairy family in Minnesota. They have abundant pasture and a love for cattle so I felt good about this. We found a new home for Ollie the emu where she/he (we never knew for sure) will be a real pet. The John Deere 4030 was ailing [...]


We put the rams in on October 26, 2014. This was one week earlier than my comfort zone, but I was leaving the next day for a two week trip to Seattle and California, so I decided to push the limits. Sure enough, Mother Nature showed me a thing or two and the first lambs [...]

The Joy of the Clean House

I hosted a little gathering today. A weavers' gathering. I'm not much of a weaver yet....I always get side-tracked by my knitting projects....but I enjoy getting together with these real weavers and I hosted the December gathering. Not many came because the roads were icy, but I enjoyed welcoming them into my home.....because it was [...]