Pine_Knob_Bonnie_and_Scott.jpgBonnie Wideman and Craig Scott are the land and livestock stewards of Pine Knob Farm. They live on the farm along with their plucky crew of farm dogs: Cader the farmstead guardian, Newton the stubby-legged herder, and Franky the official eater-of-everything/big yapper pug.

In the spring of 2017, Bonnie and Craig invited Eamon Heberlein and Shizue RocheAdachi to join the Pine Knob team. Eamon has known Bonnie for over a decade (she was his elementary school teacher, in fact!) and, as young farmers, he and Shizue are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Bonnie and Craig’s and benefit from their thoughtful mentorship. Eamon and Shizue also brought another dog to join the hodgepodge crew––while he’s still earning his farm stripes, their Lassie-lookalike, Abel, sure does make for a good poster boy.