Playful Farming


I have come to love meditation in the past year. I subscribe to Headspace (they have a free intro) and do 20 minutes most every day. The meditation period itself calms me-which is important, since I have a neurological issue, cervical dystonia–but it does a lot more than that. It helps me be more aware of my “tendencies”, both positive and negative, throughout my day. Rather than always being swept away on an emotional or intellectual thought train, I feel that I am gaining a better perspective on my thoughts and feelings.

Perhaps this is why I’ve noticed a particular thought/feeling reocurring in regard to my relationship with farming. It is simply that I perceive my farming work as play. Which, in a way, doesn’t make sense. It’s work! I really do have work to do each day–feeding chickens, feeding orphan lambs, milking goats, putting up and taking down fence, moving water tanks, moving sheep, dealing with one crisis or another as they manifest in unexpected ways–and I get tired and dirty. But it is also, somehow, playful. Each morning at choretime, I load up the Kubota with whatever I need and Frankie the Pug (who gets really upset if she gets left behind in the house) and we set off on our morning adventures. Most days, things are just routine, but even in the routine there are many moments of appreciation. Of the beauty of the misty morning and the green, green growth. Of the excitement of the chickens over their typical morning feeding. The joy of the flock as they move on to a new pasture. New goat kids! That’s what we’re anticipating anytime now.

My life is so full of blessings. Yes, I’m getting old. I have cervical dystonia. I have knees that supposedly need replacing. But I am so happy to have this playful farming life.

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