Lambing 2016

Lambing is almost done, only 6 ewes left. It started out pretty challenging, since early April saw snow and freezing rain and my first ewes to lamb were Cluns and Polypays I had purchased last summer that were not able to raise lambs. I think they had CLA, an untreatable wasting disease that maybe came onto the farm with some purchased rams about 5 years ago. Their lambs had to be revived and orphaned. Luckily, my main flock, and the Cluns and Polypays that lambed later, seem to be immune. With a 200% lambing rate with my main flock, I also had to take some triplets as orphans so now I’m raising 14 orphans! I discovered that orphan lambs do much better on yoghurtized lamb milk replacer so that is a happy development. With a crew of 9, we recently trimmed hooves, FAMACHA scored, gave garlic and copper boluses as needed and docked tails on wool ewe lambs. The donkeys got their hooves trimmed and are now out on pasture with the sheep. Hooray!

All the remaining meat lambs from 2015 are spoken for or destined for restaurants or farmers market sales. I am taking reservations for the first butchering of 2016 lambs, probably in October or November.

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