The Joy of the Clean House

I hosted a little gathering today. A weavers’ gathering. I’m not much of a weaver yet….I always get side-tracked by my knitting projects….but I enjoy getting together with these real weavers and I hosted the December gathering. Not many came because the roads were icy, but I enjoyed welcoming them into my home…..because it was CLEAN.

Now, I don’t feel like I live in filth or squalor and we don’t tend to have much clutter since it’s just me and Craig, but I don’t give regular attention to cleaning beyond regular sweeping and the occasional moppping, so when I do a “deep cleaning”–by that I mean paying attention to ALL surfaces–it takes time (like one day per room) and the result is really noticeable, and pleasureable.

Which leads me to wonder…..if I get so much joy out of having a sparkly clean house, why don’t I clean more often? There seems to be a seasonality to my cleaning. It’s before and after pasture season. Right now is clearly the “after”, although the sheep haven’t acknowledged this. Craig has been unrolling round bales out in the fields for well over a week and plopping them into the bale feeders in the corral so that the cattle get comfortable coming in there in anticipation of the big early winter cattle handling day (tomorrow hopefully), but although the cattle appreciate the hay, the ewe flock still mostly grazes since the snow hasn’t been deep. Spring cleaning? I realize that I do this between maple syrup season and lambing time. Summer is a time that the house gets ignored. Newton the Corgi is the only one who spends time in the living room in the summer. So that by the time I do my early winter deep cleaning, the crevices in the couch are filled with Corgi hair!

Well, here’s to house cleaning. I highly recommend it. Seasonally, so it is fully appreciated!

One thought on “The Joy of the Clean House

  1. I meant to send a reply days ago but time does go fast, and here we are beginning winter. Which makes me happy, only because spring is that much closer. I do hate the cold and winter. We haven’t had any big snow falls yet, the ground has been bare now for a couple weeks. That makes driving easier for me. I enjoyed reading about your cleaning. I know just what it means to be so satisfied when the house really appears clean. For us that usually just happened if Al was having a party. Even afterward with all the dishes etc cleared away the place looked clean and uncluttered, just for our own use. How long this lasted I don’t know because one day the glitter was gone and the room again had some dust here and there. Anyway, I hope you are all having a joyous time. So far, and I am sure it will remain this way, no decorations and special cooking. I would love to make cookies but Gary doesn’t want to gain weight and I know that I might eat two or three cookies and that would be enough for me. So I am celebrating Christmas for the reason it came into being and wishing those that don’t believe Christ was born for have a wonderful year ahead of them. Take care. Love, Mother

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