Lambs ready!

Whole lambs are for sale at $285, half lambs for $150. A whole lamb is around 38# of packaged meat, just enough to stuff the freezer compartment of a refrigerator. For either a whole or a 1/2 lamb, I will take your cutting instructions and convey them to the butcher. Since my next two lamb butchering appointments are with Black Earth Meats which is a distance from most of my Viroqua area customers, I’m also planning on picking up the frozen lamb cuts and delivering them.

These are very nice lambs. They are the first out of our Texel and Charolais rams, Tex and Charlie, and I am very pleased with them. Our ewes are primarily Katahdins, chosen because they are the hardiest, most amenable to organic management. The Texel and Charolais rams have brought the genetics needed for nice sized lamb chops.

Organic sheep raising is not easy, but it’s healthier for the sheep, the land, and the consumer. I’ve been raising sheep for over 30 years. Always looking for ways to improve, but this is about as good as it gets, folks!

Grassfed? When there is pasture–and on this farm it’s a long grazing season–April 1-mid-November–where ewes and lambs get all the lush pasture they want. But in the winter when lambs come off pasture, they are provided organic oats and milo along with their hay, to ensure they have all the energy they need for winter finishing.

Call–608-624-5714–or email at to order a whole or half lamb.

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