Fall Farm News


The solar panels are soaking up the energy and generating electricity! Henry has the array, power center and batteries connected and solar is now powering the fencer and barn lights. Next step is to connect the house and we’ll cut our ties to the power company and be providing all our own power. This is very exciting!

Thank you to all my returning beef customers who ordered beef again this fall and welcome to those who ordered for the first time. My freezers will soon be stocked again with beef for retail sales. No more quarters available this year, but I will have 30# beef assortments. Steaks, roasts, stew, ground, soup meat and sausages. $7/lb.

The first ram lambs are going to the butcher on October 1. I am taking orders for the November butchering now. Lambs will be 45-50# hanging weight and the cost is $4/lb hanging weight plus processing. These are very nice lambs out of Tex the Texel and Charlie the Charolais. In mid-October, I will again have the full variety of lamb cuts for retail sale. Right now, we only have lamb brats–Merguez and regular–sliced gyros and lamb liver sausage. In late November I ought to again have 20# lamb assortments for $8.75/lb: chops, leg roast, kabobs, ground, shanks and sausage.

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