Life is so good sometimes, one has to share the joy!

I don’t have a photo to go with this post yet. There are plenty of options: the cattle so happy to be out on “real” pasture with the hair sheep, gobbling up the taller, coarser grass that the sheep turned down; the four new goat girls getting to know Mr. Moonbaby Donkey on the pond pasture where they’re going to find their favorite forage, some multiflora rose; the woolly sheep with their lambs up on a separate pasture unaware that the shearer’s coming tomorrow and they’re soon going to be feeling very fresh and ready for summer’s sun; or maybe just the wild ducks enjoying our pond today. I’ll choose one for sure, but the image I really want to convey is more in the feeling realm…..the contentment and gratitude I experience on a day like today–going to the Farmers Market and delivering beef and lamb to familiar folks, chatting with friends and fellow vendors, meeting new people who like what this farm has to offer them, then coming home and visiting the critters, preparing for a supper of grilled teriyaki sirloin and asparagus from the garden and planning tomorrow’s hearty shearing crew dinner. I’m one happy old lady right now and my blessings are too numerous to count. (Though I know I’ll be one stiff and sore old lady at the end of the day tomorrow, after trimming 120 hooves!) And turns out the best photo is right outside my door.


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