I couldn’t go to work in town and spent all day at the computer or on a conference call, but Craig went out and made sure the sheep and cows had all they needed. Cattle huddled in the corral around a feeder; ewes hunkered down in a little wooded area; feeder lambs seemed oblivious; Moonbaby the donkey was in a little bit of a trouble-maker pose standing in the doorway to the barn with the Icelandic ladies outside, but not enough to call for a Craig/donkey confrontation. Craig rolled out a round bale and the cattle and ewes headed out to eat the forage grown in summer sun in the wildness of winter. And I sat on my chubby butt at the computer and glanced out the window from time to time. Blessings on the precipitation; I hope all travelers made their way; and thanks, Craig, for tending to the critters. After I retire on December 31, I’ll be more help out there.

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